AirHDTV™ Up to 200 FREE TV channels on any device

Our line of Streaming Set Top Boxes and Smart Antenna Solutions are Revolutionizing the FREE “Over The Air” Broadcast Trending for Consumers around the World.

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IOT Applications & Solutions

Wireless Innovation Group is Inventing the next “Evolution” in IOT Applications, Solutions & Platforms Globally.

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Small Cell Infrastructure

Expanding the Capabilities of Wireless Service Providers with our 5G Integrated Small Cell Infrastructure Solutions.

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Aerospace, Military & Defense Apps

Wireless Innovation Group is Delivering “Next Generation” Aerospace, Military & Defense Industry Applications.

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WIGCompany Overview

Wireless Innovation Group is a multi-faceted, vertically integrated technology company that develops, manufactures and integrates wireless products, solutions and applications around the world.

WIG’s patented technologies are taking IOT, WiFi, M2M, broadcast, cellular and OTA communications to levels previously unimagined.

Innovations range from AirHDTV™ wireless streaming for consumers to small cell infrastructure for carriers, wideband smart antennas for the military and aerospace industry and revolutionary high-speed data applications for commerce.