Through our joint venture arrangement with Elite Aviation Products, we are currently developing and delivering new technological advances and significant contracts in the aerospace sector through our advanced research and development capabilities.  At present, we are developing a new universal aviation WiFi application for all aircraft equipment and developing a sensor testing solution for Boeing’s new aircraft technology.

Our aerospace, military & defense product applications development includes our strategic alliance with Scientific Advanced Research (S.A.R.A), which is one of the largest defense contractor research and development companies in the U.S.  As a defense subcontractor for S.A.R.A., we have successfully delivered our prototypes for our first defense solution exceeding existing technological military standards by over 30% with our new proprietary technology.  Having just been awarded our second defense contract, we anticipate delivering new prototypes for our second military application by January 2017.

FREE “Over The Air” TV

Our line of Streaming Set Top Boxes and Smart Antenna Solutions are Revolutionizing the FREE “Over The Air” Broadcast Trending for Consumers around the World

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IOT Applications
& Solutions

Wireless Innovation Group is Inventing the next “Evolution” in IOT Applications, Solutions & Platforms Globally

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Small Cell

Expanding the Capabilities of Wireless Service Providers with our 5G Integrated Small Cell Infrastructure Solutions

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Aerospace, Military &
Defense Applications

Wireless Innovation Group is Delivering “Next Generation” Aerospace, Military & Defense Industry Applications

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